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Holistic health and well-being Coaching empowering you to create a calm mind within a strong body through nutrition, movement, and holistic psychology. A whole person approach to mind-body-soul healing!
“You are free to consciously create your own good life!”

Nila Conzen

Holistic Coach | RYT | MScPsy

About the good life

“The power isn't out there. It's in you!”


to my humble home on the web!

I am so glad you found me!

Somehow, through the magic and mess that is the internet, you’ve made it here to my little corner of the world wide web. I don’t know what brought you here, but I guess it has something to do with creating a life that feels GOOD from the inside out. Most of us wander through our days hoping to reach a better life one day. But this day may never come. We spend so much time doing the work on the outside, that we forget to do the “inside” job. But it’s just as important to spend time working on the (tiny) habits we practice every day to show up fully in this world – and for ourselves.

You are at the right place, if you want to learn how you can: that you can consciously create the life you are longing for from the inside out.

I believe the GOOD LIFE can be taught to and be accomplished by everyone – no matter where they start. 

About the good life
About the good life

“A GOOD Life is not about finding yourself. It's about consciously creating yourself.”

Start your journey with this Journal

30 days.

5 simple exercises.

7 min per day.

1 goal: to consciously create your own GOOD LIFE!

About the good life

“Often, it's best to learn from the people who have gone through it themselves.”

Nila Conzen holistic psychologist

Hey there!

About Nila

As a holistic Coach, MScPsych, Nutritionist, and Yoga teacher, as well as my own experiences as a patient, I strongly believe that mental health is rooted in the body and physical health is shaped by the mind.

I also believe in the amazing power of the human mind and the innate healing capacity of the human body; in change at all age and that we all have the ability to heal and thrive if we are given the right tools to help guide us through the process. And more than anything, I believe in YOU.

Ready to thrive?

Work with me

Change only takes place through (repeated) action.” (Dalai Lama)

Through holistic and integrative practices, I support you in creating a more nourishing and compassionate relationship with yourself, re-connecting with your intuition and truth, and ultimately finding a home within yourself. The core value of my work lies in the believe that healing is possible at any age, for every person around the world – including you. My work is not intended to change who you are, but to support you in remembering who you truly are and want to become.

total transformation

Personalized Programs

Tailored to Your Goals


This 4-session package is for you, if you already know what you want, but need some advice on how to reach it. You are looking for someone who guides you & holds you accountable. Based on the information you provided me in the contact form, I will help you get more clarity on your journey.


This 8-session package is perfect for you, if you desire a more personalised program based on your individual needs. I will provide curated tools & advice designed with you and for you, as you will learn how to continue living a healthy, happy and confident lifestyle on your own.


Great things require time and consistency. This soulful 12-session package will guide you back into connection with yourself so you can awaken your heart, activate your inner wisdom and find peace, stillness and wholeness within.

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