About Nila

About Nila

 From pain to passion

I believe in empowering myself and those around me. I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard, a heart that deserves to be loved, and a body that deserves to be seen.


My Story

Hey you, thank you for passing by!

I would love to use this space to introduce myself and share my story.

So here are some facts about me in a nutshell: My name is Nila, I’m 26 years old, I live in Hamburg, Germany, I have a sister and a brother and two loving parents, I have a Master degree in Psychology, I am a 200 hour certified Yoga teacher, and a certified (vegan) nutritionist. I have also struggled with a severe mental health disorder for many years, that I tried to hide and that almost cost me my life.

After many attempts to heal my body and my mind (including hospitals, therapists, etc.), I was finally ready to recover for real, creating a life I was always striving for. I am finally ready to share my story with you and to connect with like-minded people – in hope that my own struggle might help someone else one day.

Along my journey, I have changed my eating habits to a plant-based diet, eliminating all meat- and dairy-products and focusing on nourishing my body instead of mistreating it. I also started to practice Yoga and travelled to Bali for 6 months to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Ever since I started to take my life into my own hands (see the logo of this page?), I hop onto my mat daily to practice yoga and love to be in the kitchen preparing delicious and nutritious rainbow bowls. This helps me to find more joy in my daily life, to connect to my inner self and unwind after a busy day at work.


Facts about me

Some of my favorite things in life are: early mornings, dancing in the moonlight (both the song and the actual activity), big, fresh, nourishing salad and smoothie bowls, everything COCONUT (water, milk, meat, oil, bowls, etc.), including coconut cappuccinos (my daily treat), me-time and daily mE-ATings with myself (yes, I am talking about taking myself out on a dinner date!), farmers markets, flowers, deep conversations with inspiring people, my mum embracing me into a big hug of wordless understanding, when babies laugh from deep down their hearts, people who smile with their eyes, the smell of freshly light matches and candles (I know, I know, this ones is weird).


My anti talents:

Small talk, hiding behind my true feelings, focusing on a single thing, singing, planing long in advance, doing routine tasks, excel (it sure is a bitch), sitting in front of the computer for too long, enduring authoritarian opinions and conventions, watching TV (I actually think it’s really boring to watch other people live their lives).


What I believe in:

I believe in self-responsibility, in community, in simplicity, in the present moment, good food, the healing power of yoga and the power of now, in nature, in the power of thoughts and the subconscious, in meditation, in humour, in change, in goals & visions, in two sides of a coin, and ultimately in myself.


What I don’t believe in:

In chance at the right time, in most of the content in the (mainstream) media, in “one-way-suits-all”-solutions, in my grandma’s complains (they are almost always not true).


What I miss in my life:

A little more sunshine and the beach. I miss Mama Bali when I am in Hamburg (and the other way around), more smiling people in the world, my tonsils, a day without talking to my mum, more honest people talking about the GOOD (not perfect) life with all it’s ups and downs.


At the start of the year 2019, I decided to dedicate myself to 3 major “tasks” for the upcoming 12 months: to EAT like I love myself, MOVE in ways that make me feel strong and alive, and make my story MATTER by inspiring others to do the same.

In July 2019, I stumbled across some interesting research on the bluezones (countries that live better and longer). According to the latest research of these cultures the 3 key indicators for longevity are:

  1. a plant-based diet
  2. natural exercise
  3. a sense of purpose

So why not expand my “EAT. MOVE. MATTER. – Mantra” to the rest of my life? 

Moving, eating, and living in alignment is now a way for me to thrive.

You see, today, we move a few fingers on a high-tech rock and can have food delivered straight to our temperature-controlled, artificially-lit cave. We outsource our hunting and gathering to grocery stores, our lives to television, and our tribes to social media. We’ve made big and comfy chairs, thick and stiff shoes, hard and flat floors, and wonder why we have poor posture, frequent injuries, and back pain. We’ve built right angles everywhere and wonder why we can’t think outside the box. 

It’s not our fault. We’re just doing exactly what we’re wired to do, just not in the environment that we’ve evolved to do it in. We need to remember who we are, where we’re from, and why we’re here. EAT. MOVE. MATTER. is about aligning with our true selves in order to thrive as human beings. On this website you will learn how to unlock your body, free your mind, and unleash your TRUE POTENTIAL!


Feel free to join the tribe!

I believe that our happiness lies in our own creative power to create and achieve EVERYTHING we desire. It took a long time until I realized this. Now I know that I AM THE CREATOR OF MY OWN REALITY. And with this I started to create my life, to create myself, to create my own unlimited reality.

I truly believe that all changes start in your mind – with that, I changed my thinking and healed my relationship with food and with myself. I started this blog to share everything I’ve learned along the way and how I manage to incorporate it into my everyday life. But this blog is not just about me. It is about YOU. It is about US. So feel free to share your comments and thoughts!

One of the most important things I have learned during my journey is this: “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” How awesome is this! Waking up every morning to a full new day of opportunities. The opportunity to smile, to shine, to create YOUR happy day! It’s all in our own power and on this blog I will share with you some things that have helped me along the way. 

With a whole lot of love and gratitude,


PS: I have contributed one section of the blog to “Community Input” as a growing tribe of like-minded people wants to share their opinion on a platform that is secure, lovingly accepting, long-lasting and not constantly comparing (like Instagram and Facebook to name a few).

If you ever desire to share YOUR story, your thoughts or feelings ABOUT THE GOOD LIFE and it’s challenges, feel free to drop me a message. I am really grateful for any contribution you want to give! 🙂