Holistic approach

“I treat the person as a whole. Not just the ‘hole’ in the person.”

My work combines holistic tools from ancient practices of the east with the latest science in nutrition, movement, and psychology of the west to create sustainable positive behavioural change, i.e. true transformation.

I support you implement powerful tools so you can heal, create, and live a more wholehearted, joyful, and purpose-driven life. I believe that healing is the sum of small actions repeated daily. Nourishing the mind, body, and soul are the foundations of creating sustainable change in our lives. When we start to nourish ourselves from the inside and feel physically well, we can open ourselves up to more possibility. We connect with our values and our purpose, and from here we start to create goals and actions toward living a life that is completely aligned with who we truly are. A life that brings us endless joy, health, and deep fulfilment

Working with me is

Nila Conzen

Holistic Coach & Psychologist

About the good life

“A holistic psychologist is not someone that you go to for life advice. A holistic psychologist is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to find it out yourself.”

- Nila Conzen
About the Good Life

The link between

Healing & Wholeness

embracing wholeness

I believe that healing comes from a place where we recognize that there is nothing to be “fixed” as there is nothing that is “broken”. People don’t break. They get hurt and then they can heal. This doesn’t mean that the damage never existed it means that we no longer allow it to define us.

This is not wu-wu work. It’s not airy-fairy stuff. It’s real, concrete, and important. I don’t promise that you will never experience pain or challenges again. Instead, I invite you to intentionally and compassionately embrace your pain, doubts, and fears. I do promise that in working together you will experience your life as more whole, joyful, and meaningful. A whole life is to me, well, very much complete. And sadly quite rare.

The hardest journey you will embark on is overcoming how you see yourself. To find the love you seek, look within. Learn to rest in that place deep inside your heart, it is your true home. The past does not define you, even when you still bear the wounds. You are free to believe amidst the brokenness, you are still whole and there is more to you.

I believe, healing starts and ends with a deep sense of wholeness and self-belonging.

This sense of wholeness is not a place where there is no pain, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of all of life’s challenges and still remember that you are complete. Wholeness does not mean perfection: it means embracing brokenness as an integral part of life. And it’s in this radical, authentic, soul-aligned way of living that we find we can belong everywhere we go, because we belong to ourselves.

You deserve to feel whole. Wholeness is your birthright and I am here to remind you and guide you back home – to yourself.

About the good life

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears. And then the only thing you truly need is this one person that deeply believes in you!”

- Nila Conzen

Why work with me

I am not your typical health coach overwhelming you with generalised methods and plans. I know that having a person around that knows exactly where you are and how you feel and has the proper skills is key to providing a successful, individualised support system. I can provide you with both: expertise as a registered psychologist, nutritionist and yoga teacher and my personal experiences with physical and psychological misalignments.


We’re all different. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to diet, movement and lifestyle. I want to help you find a way that works for you

Through holistic and integrative practices, I support you in creating more compassion for yourself, finding more capacity to feel the hard stuff, and developing more understanding of how to manage the challenges of everyday life. The core value of my work lies in the believe that healing doesn’t have to be difficult and done alone. I believe that healing, growing and evolving is possible at any age, for every person around the world.

Top 3 things that make me unique

“An expert is a person who has made all mistakes in a narrow field.”

I consider myself as an expert when it comes to nutrition, yoga, and psychology.

Apart from studying all 3 areas in extended detail, I have made all the mistakes imaginable in regard to dieting, movement, and desperately trying to “find” my place in this world. To be honest, I still secretly wish that 10 years ago there would have been someone who understands and supports me on my journey- without telling me what to eat, how to move, or behave, but instead supporting me to discover what feels right for me.

I bring my whole heart and authentic self to our sessions. I utilize a holistic lens, viewing the mind-body-spirit connection as integral in understanding who you are as a whole person. My approach is non-judgemental, compassionate, and authentic. I fully believe that being heard, seen, and witnessed without judgment is one of the most healing experiences we can have. Being that witness for others is a gift I am grateful for every day. I love to ask the “tough” questions as much as I am passionate about holding space for your answer to arise from within. 

Yoga, Meditation, gentle movement as well as changing my diet and my entire belief system transformed my life! In our sessions we will implement a range of tools from ancient wisdom combined with modern science-based techniques from positive psychology towards where you want to go.

A big part of our sessions includes practical, hand-on experiences and weekly “homework”. I will cheer and challenge you at the same time! Speaking from my own experience, I know too well that merely talking about what to do is not enough. We will practice specific tools together and find ways for you to build productive habits to achieve the results you are longing for for a life-time.

The areas we focus on might include one or more of the following:


Learn to nourish your whole being - body, mind, soul through a diet that suits your individual needs.

When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.” – Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

I believe that a healthy outside starts on the inside. Let me help you to:

  • transform your relationship with food & come home to your body without shame or guilt.
  • gain knowledge about certain food combinations and nutritions that suit your individual taste and needs.
  • learn how what you eat impacts your mental health & vice versa.
  • get to know specific tools to easily implement a healthy diet into your daily routine- for yourself (and your family).


Find what feels good by moving your body in ways that reduces mental & physical blockages.

The power plant doesn’t have energy. It generates energy.

Together, we will find what feels good for YOU and your individual needs to:

  • decrease stress, stiffness, headaches & body pain.
  • improve sleep, body posture, flexibility & strength to feel better in your own skin.
  • learn individualised yoga/meditation sequences as well as specific breathing techniques to integrate into your daily life (on and off the mat).
  • keep you on track to develop a healthy habit that will serve you a life-time.


What are you passionate about? What makes you special and unique? Let's look at the unique blueprint you already hold within.

You find yourself when you lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi

Once you don’t just have a “goal”, but also a purpose behind your transformation and start to find meaning in your past and how it has shaped you, it get’s very easy to stay on track. Together, we will explore:

  • what you are truly capable of physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.
  • your personal “sparks” that deepen your sense of meaning and purpose.
  • the special gift the world needs that only YOU can provide based on your unique history and experiences.
  • how to turn your struggles into your strengths and your wounds into your wisdom. 

Have a hunger for health? A thirst to thrive? An appetite to learn more about yourself?