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You do not need to “fit in” to belong

 Have you ever felt like a social chameleon? Always changing your colors depending on what environment you’re in? Never feeling that you belong?⁣Yeah, me too.  ⁣I used to be afraid of being me. I learned to be a perfect chameleon. Never standing out. Never wanting to be seen or noticed. All I wanted was to…

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Embracing wholeness

WHOLENESS, such a big word to embrace. What does it even mean? Whole. Entire. Full. Complete?⠀⠀In the world of psychology, we are really good at defining what is wrong with us. The system teaches us to diagnose, label, and symptomise to help people heal. That’s what I learned at University: to put people into boxes….

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My eating disorder story

Hey you brave human being reading these words. I received a lot of questions about my eating disorder story lately, so… Here it is. The raw and honest truth about the girl behind the GOOD LIFE. It’s an honest talk about eating disorders (Eds), about loss and gain, pain and healing. It wasn’t easy to write…