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Learn to harness the power of your inner wisdom to nourish your mind, body & soul

This 12-week live group coaching program is your homecoming.

Grounded in scientific evidence & timeless wisdom it will empower you to transform your wounds into your wisdom & discover who you truly are!

Nila Conzen

holistic Psychologist

About the good life

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.”

- J. K. Rowling
Packed with practical tools, daily community support, weekly live coaching and lifetime access, the Total Transformation© is the program I was desperately looking for for years, but couldn’t find. That’s why I created it – for you. Filled with  ancient wisdom and modern science, it will teach you the knowledge, skills and tools needed to heal your mind, reclaim a thriving body, and transform your entire life.
This course is for you, if you are ready to claim your own self-

Do you sometimes, or often:

Then This program is for you!

Trust me when I say: I know you. I have been you. And that’s why I created this course. For you.
I want to teach you in 3 months what took me 10 years to learn and master myself! 
In the TOTAL TRANSFORMATION© course, I share the exact pathway that I took to upgrade my mental and physical well-being and turn my wounds into my greatest wisdom. Together, we will discover practical tools that consider you as a whole being – instead of just “fixing” the hole in your being!
I believe we require less fixing and more accepting – less perfectionism and more good-enough – less criticism and more self-compassion to become fully alive.
If you want to learn how nutrition, movement, and holistic psychology can help you heal and transform your entire life, it would be an honour to support you on this beautiful journey home to wholeness and remembrance – of who you truly are.

What you will learn

Great things require time and commitment. This signature 3-month intensive program is perfect for you, if you want to get stronger in mind, body, and soul and achieve real, long-lasting, positive change. It’s based on a program that I curated and successfully completed during my own hardship to EAT to nourish myself, MOVE to feel my best and harness a sense of MEANING and purpose from my past.

Packed with practical, easy-to-understand teachings and immersion exercises, the customised Total Transformation© course is a complete program that will teach you EVERYTHING you need to improve your health, increase your energy and start steering your life purposefully in the direction you want it to go.

Let’s be honest: If I can do this, so can you!

This high-quality, in-depth program is for you, if you want to:

About the good life

“It doesn't matter where you start. Only that you begin.”

- Robin Sharma

Truth be told. It took me 10 years to recover from:

Speaking from my own experience, I know that often times, when we decide to change something in our lives, we want to experience immediate results. The sooner the better!

But, when it comes to unhealthy behavioural patterns that you developed over a long period of time – sometimes your whole life – you might find yourself lost and don’t know where to start. If you do get inspired to start something new and are motivated to change, the initial motivation does not last very long and after a couple of weeks you find yourself in the same situation where you started off – or worse as you couldn’t succeed.

If you find yourself in the description above, you are no different than the majority of the population. The problem is this: when you know that something is wrong and you want to change it, you start by looking on the internet for help. Depending on your problem, you search for a therapist, (life) coach, dietitian, spiritual guru, yoga teacher, somatic practitioner, you name it. But often times these specialists focus only on one aspect of your life that needs change or help when often times the root of the problem is best approached with a combination of different disciplines and tools – holistically. 

After ten years of trying out different therapies, coaching methods and (online) classes, I can say that a combination of all of them helped me to escape my vicious circle and change my entire life – not just one area as I previously thought. It took a long time until I developed a healthy routine that introduced a new diet, movement and a sense of purpose into my daily life. But I wish there would have been someone – a trustworthy person – that I could have received this knowledge from in one achievable package. 

This is why I dedicated my time to become an expert myself. First, for myself and my own recovery and later to serve others who are looking for a more holistic – whole person approach. I became the one I desperately needed to have beside me many years ago, so I know how you feel right now and I want to help you to become the person you wish to be – and were always meant to be. I am here to guide you towards a life that doesn’t just look good on the outside, but actually feels good on the inside!

I’ve deconstructed my journey so you don’t have to spend years searching for the answers.

For me, it wasn’t easy to accept help in the past. I wanted to prove to myself and others that I can ‘do it alone’. Now I know that it’s so much smarter to be accompanied on the way. You gain clarity much faster, get motivated when times get tough, feel supported and realise what you truly want to achieve – without the external noise. What I now know is this: A life of purpose and fulfilment starts from first and foremost, taking care of ourselves. 

This is where YOU come in. I want to teach you in 90 days (!) what took me several years to learn and create the life I am living today. I am living example that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE and my mission is to guide you every step in discovering your own potential and living that authentic, happy, healthy, and confident YOU that you deserve to be.

This program doesn’t just help you learn more about yourself, it actually shows you HOW to make real changes and integrate what you learn for a life time (no quick fixes here). And let’s be real, that’s what we’re all after: change that lasts and connects us to other human beings. 

I consider myself as an expert in (plant-based) nutrition, yoga, and positive psychology.

“An expert is a person who has made all mistakes in a narrow field.”

I have made all the mistakes imaginable in regard to dieting, movement, and desperately trying to “find” myself and my life’s purpose. Yoga, Meditation as well as changing my diet and my entire belief system transformed my life!

I now know the significance of following the nudges of my heart and making that one small decision in the right direction. That one small step caused a ripple effect far beyond my wildest dreams. Now, I’m here to serve, love and give everything I’ve learned to you through the Total Transformation©.

It would be an honor to share the knowledge and skills of holistic healing with you.

I see you, I have been you, and I trust in you coming fully alive. If you are hungry for change, let me show you how!

During the program you will discover:


I believe that a healthy outside starts on the inside. In fact, more and more studies show that our mental health is highly dependent on our diet. What we put int out mouths on a daily basis matters! Let me help you to: transform your relationship with food, learn how to eat mindfully & come home to your body, gain knowledge about certain food combinations that suit your individual taste and needs, improve a healthy bowel movement and digestion, get to know specific tools to easily implement a healthy diet into your daily routine that support your mental and physical wellbeing.


Together, we will find what feels good for YOU and your individual needs to: decrease stress, stiffness, headaches & body pain, improve sleep, body posture, and flexibility, gain strength in both body and mind to feel better in your own skin. A big part of our sessions includes hand-on experiences, including breath work, mindful-movement, yoga, meditations to release tension and emotional blockages. I know too well that merely talking about what to do is not enough. That's why we will practice specific tools together and find ways for you to easily implement them into your new supporting routine.

Positive Psychology

This is the "mental rewiring" where we will make sure that your thoughts will support - rather than deplete you. We will look at what triggers you and how to cope with it. Once you have a purpose behind your transformation and discover how your past has shaped you, it get’s very easy to stay on track. Together, we will explore: what you are truly capable of physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, your unique “sparks” to deepen your sense of meaning and purpose, what the world needs that only YOU can provide based on your personal story and experiences, how to turn your struggles into your greatest strengths and finally into your purpose (and profession).

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.”

- Friedrich Nietzsche
Exclusive content

What you get

This signature program features both group calls as well as private consultations and personalised homework.


Group sessions

12 core group calls in which we will go through the weekly assignments and  support & hold each other accountable on our transformational journeys. 


Individual Sessions

5 personal calls of 50 min each where you will receive my 1:1 guidance and have time to ask any questions that are on your mind.


workbook + toolkit

With more than 100 pages full of content with simple, practical steps to guide you in restoring the mind-body connection and weekly challenges to help you create new habits regarding nutrition, movement and shifting your mind-set and core beliefs.


E-mail support

Challenges work outside the office hours – and so do I! As one of the Total Transformation© participants, you have the opportunity to contact me 24 hours (Mon-Fri) and will receive an immediate reply within the next 24 hours!

bonus #1


Before the program starts: we will go through a detailed analysis of your current situation (anamnesis): “here I am.” as well as a specific goal definition: “this is where I want to go.”

bonus #2


Individual follow-up session 6 months after the program has finished (“what has changed, where could I still make improvement”).


exclusive content

This involves a FREE copy of the GOOD LIFE Journal, reading lists, empowering meditations and uplifting music playlists to dance, cry, and play to.

bonus #4


Priority support including relapse professional assistance and emergency assistance, because the work never actually ends.

Are you ready to Learn the habits, tools, and skills necessary to not only achieve results, but maintain them for life?

This high-quality, in-depth program is for you, if you are looking for:

This high-quality, in-depth program is NOT for you, if you are looking for:


Transformational stories

Sometimes, it’s best to hear from the people who have gone through the process themselves!

“I searched for reliable, easy applicable and practical ways to improve my self-believe when I was at a very dark point of my life. I was blown away by what I achieved within the last couple of weeks. This course did not just improve my relationship to my body, mind, and soul, but also to all my external relationships and the people I love. Believe it or not, this program will change your entire life! A worthwhile program for everyone who feels like they have lost their power inside themselves, with the intention to show others it is possible to change your current situation, because the gateways to wisdom and knowledge are always open. Thank you Nila. I really don't know where I would be without you today...I finally know what it feels like to be ALIVE!”
“I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and hospitalised- twice. My doctors put me on pills, but I decided there was hope elsewhere. After about a month I worked with Nila, I experienced a dramatic change, and I’m now hopeful about the future. I just feel more at peace. I feel more complete. I was the worst of the worst, and I feel like if I can come back from that, then everyone has hope. I have learned that I can change the future that I have, and I don't have to worry about relying on other people for everything anymore. I have the power within myself to heal through changing my lifestyle and treating myself with compassion, kindness, and time. One day at the time.”
“I didn't have a diagnosed illness, and wasn't sure if this would be the right place to approach my issues. I had a history of eating disorders, depression and anxiety, numbing myself with alcohol and food. After the total Transformation program, I now feel a deep sense of being OK. I simply have to allow myself to feel. It's so refreshing. Today I am completely happy, I'm completely healthy. I'm more vibrant than I've ever been. I've lost all the access weight- both mentally & physically and no longer restrict my food intake and can enjoy my meals fully with friends and family. It’s truly amazing how much this work has transformed my life.. and the person who owns it!”
The Netherlands
"I was a non-functioning, 36 year-old mother of three. I couldn't take care of my kids, I couldn't take care of myself. I was literally just sleeping through life. The real me is more of a social person. I want to be happy. I want to help others. I laugh now and smile a lot. I sleep like a baby. I truly have all that I need within me and I finally look forward to tomorrow. Now, I’m really into yoga and trying some meditation as well, I feel amazing, and I will never go back. The biggest change that made every other change possible was a shift in my mindset. What really helped me was how Nila encouraged me to stop look outside and find a way that works for ME. I am now empowered to chose how my life goes on from now-on.”

Any questions?


This 12-week program is a combination of Group & 1:1 in-depth week-by-week and day-by-day program guided by me, Nila, Holistic Psychologist, Nutritionist, and Yoga teacher. 

In this 12-week program, I will coach, teach, mentor and guide you to empower  you to transform your health, wellness, healing, rejuvenation and wellbeing so you can start living with vibrant energy, and feel better and stronger in body, mind, and soul.

Unlike other programs that focus on either physical aspect of health alone such as diet or exercise, or psychological aspects alone, this program encompasses all areas of holistic well-being: physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit so that you can thrive on your own. 

Because I have been exactly where you are and I have used the last decade to turn my wounds into wisdom to empower you to re(dis)cover yourself – just like I did. I practice what I preach on a daily basis and I only teach the tools that helped me on my own journey – hint: not all of them can be found in textbooks or on social media.

I believe that every single person has the right to be seen, heard and loved. I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and turning it into something that will make them thrive for the rest of their lives. Working with me is not all about pink roses and champagne. It will be “fun”, but I will also encourage you to put in the work.

Nevertheless, I will cheer and challenge you at every step of the way until you are ready to thrive on your own and live up to your true potential. 

  • I have an international MSc. in Psychology (University Heidelberg, Germany and University Leiden, the Netherlands). 
  • I am a certified plant-based Nutritionist (ecodemy, 2019) 
  • I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga teacher (Zuna Yoga, 2018)
  • Personal history of eating disorder recovery, depression and self-harming behaviour 

My holistic health coaching is action-oriented and focuses on enabling you to make small changes that add up to big results over time. My work recognizes that you’re the expert on you. I will be there to support you in making successful changes, but you’re always in control.

Some of the areas that I can help you with include (one or more of the following):

  • work-life balance, mental health and lifestyle
  • emotional support and positive behavioural change
  • depression, anxiety, and psycho-physical misalignment
  • substance abuse
  • eating disorders (if client is physically healthy)
  • relationships (family, friends, children, coworkers)
  • boundary setting & maintenance
  • yoga, mindfulness & meditation practice
  • physical blockages and pain
  • goal setting & achievement
  • nutritional advice 
    • how to go vegan / add more plants into your diet
    • develop a healthy relationship with food
    • nutritional advice & individual recipe development
    • mindful eating habits
  • personal abilities & challenges, and a sense of life satisfaction

Yes, of course! The private sessions can be booked in German or English. Depending on the group constellation, the group calls will most likely be English.

Yes, absolutely. You can combine any package of your choice. You will also get a special discount, if you decide to extend the intensive transformational program after 3 months.

Both private and group sessions take place online, because I want to make them available for you wherever you currently are in the world.

All workbooks, toolkits, recorded videos, and other resources will be shared on a private webpage that you will be able to access for a life-time. 

All you’ll need is a computer or a smart phone. You will also need to download Zoom for our group and private calls. 

All weekly workbooks, toolkits, recorded videos, and other resources will be shared on a secured, private platform that you will be able to access for a life-time. You will be granted access 2 weeks prior to the course with resources to prepare you for the upcoming weeks.

Obviously you can only ask your questions in the group sessions of the program, if you’re participating live. However, we all have busy lives and unexpected events can arise. For this reason, all sessions will be recorded and posted after the event on our private online library – meaning that you’ll still benefit from the teachings, healing intentions, and group conversations – just at a time that is convenient for you.


Once the 12-week program is over, you get full lifetime access to every part of it; so you’re free to revisit your daily Lessons, weekly Workbooks, Meditations, recorded Group session and other content as often as you like.

Absolutely not!

This course is for everyone who is seeking real transformation for a life-time.

Shifting away from the Ego-stories we are all running on in our daily lives, connecting with your intuition and living in alignment helps reduce chronic stress, burnout and unhealthy habits so in this way, “healing” is also preventative medicine. If any of the above points resonate, you are 100% in the right place. And more than welcome to join.

Simply put, positive psychology is the foundation of my holistic approach. Positive psychology is the “science about what makes life worth living”, about the positive aspects of us humans, and about our strengths (not weaknesses). It is a very young branch of psychology, which only became established in the 1990s as a new field of psychology. In contrast to clinical-therapeutic psychology, the focus is on the healthy person, his abilities and characteristics that make him/her so special.

In contrast to classical psychology, which focuses on the treatment, development and exploration of negative emotions and classic clinical pictures, Positive Psychology focuses on researching positive feelings, resources, opportunities and strengths. To develop a positive outlook towards your future, instead of dwelling in the past.

In my sessions, I am always working holistically and using techniques from psychology, mind-set coaching, nutritional counselling and ancient practices such as yoga, meditation and philosophy.

As a holistic health practitioner, I use an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve my clients’ health. Thanks to the versatility of my academic and additional education, as well as my personal experience, I have developed a method that combines the areas of psychology, yoga, and nutrition (holistically).

The holistic approach allows us to address both the body and the mind and their bi-directional connection. During our sessions I coach, educate, empower, and help you create a healthy (new) life style from the inside out. 

My mission is to support you as best as I can so that – at the end of the course – you will have all the knowledge to continue thriving on your own.

Therapy is about healing the past. Consulting/Coaching is about creating the future!

In my sessions, I advise people on a variety of topics. Thanks to my studies in psychology and my further education in other subject areas, I offer you support in the form of weekly group calls, one-to-one conversations, visualizations, nutrition, yoga and breathing exercises. Psychological counselling is – in contrast to psychotherapy – suitable for mentally healthy people and promotes the mental competence and the mental and physical well-being. These include, among other things, skills as well as the development of new patterns of feeling, thinking and acting. Our sessions are a wonderful way to develop mindfulness for oneself and others, to release blockages and thereby to exploit your own full potential.

Whereas licensed therapists focus on identifying how your past affects your current feelings and behaviors, I will focus on modifying your current behaviors so that you can reach your future goals of health and happiness.


I work with people who are clinically healthy and want to improve their mental well-being, remove blockages, develop a healthier way of dealing with stress or nutrition, or work on topics that occupy them all.

Furthermore, I offer additional support to people with clinically diagnosed mental illness who are undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment after consulting with the attending physician (e.g. eating disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, allergies or food intolerances). I see my work as an important and effective complement to the therapy, with which I can enable patients to heal holistically and, above all, in the long-term.

Gentle reminder: a therapist/coach doesn’t “heal” you. A therapist shares tools and knowledge, while providing empathy and holding space so that you can heal yourself.

Please note:

I promise no cure or relief from physical or mental suffering. I consider myself as a supporter and educator who encourages you to not bind your hopes exclusively to other people.

Also, I do not treat illnesses, but look after and accompany people who need help or assistance in certain situations for a while. My aim is not to eliminate specific symptoms, but to work with you to illuminate conflicts from different perspectives and to support you on the way to activating your self-healing powers.

My treatment does not substitute for a psychotherapeutic or medical treatment. Instead, my mission is to invite healthy change without the need of any prescription. 

When we work together 1 x 1, our sessions are always tailored to your specific needs, goals and intentions in that very moment. Private sessions give you the space and time to focus on yourself. For me, our sessions are not about dictating you how you should live your life. Also, the focus in our sessions is not on your “problems” but on the possible solutions to your problems.

Our group sessions combine a combination of individual advice, breathing exercises, mental techniques, meditation, relaxation and lifestyle techniques, as well as nutritional education (if you request so). Our collaboration will be goal-oriented to assist you in your efforts and to motivate you to become totally independent on your own.

The tools we will use will imply a combination of tools:

    • Holistic Psychology
    • Mirror Work
    • Ego Work
    • Inner-Child Healing
    • Body-Mind integration
    • Self Care & Reflection
    • Nutritional Science
    • Mindfulness-based Techniques
    • Habit-building
    • CBT 
    • Adventure-based Therapy


A holistic approach focuses on the “whole being”:

Your body

Together we will take a deeper look into nutrition, how food affects you and makes you feel. We will work on a long-term nutrition and body program to keep you in connection with yourself.

Your mind

With this part we will focus on holistic psychological techniques to work with the mind-body connection. Some of the tools we will cover are: meditation, mindfulness, and conscious awareness practices. We will establish a personalised plan for you so that it will support you on your own journey.

Your soul

You will connect on a deeper level with your spiritual self during the program. You do not need to belief in anything except from yourself. That’s when the healing begins.

This is totally up to you!

My suggestion is two to five hours per week. That said, the focus of this program is not only on learning new tools and methods but also on creating new behaviours, habits and taking ACTION. The more you listen, watch and take the written assignments into DOing, the more you will shift into a new way of BEing. So that your whole life turns into a state of “walking-meditation”, in which you are able to dissolve from any external limitations.

The Total Transformation© is about you becoming fully alive!

your investment in yourself

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The Total Transformation© is less expensive than 3 months of coaching with ALL the tools you need to begin to harness your journey to learn, heal and grow -starting today. This is your chance to (re)claim your power and become fully alive!

You are one conscious decision away from creating the most powerful change - the change that come from within!

Enrollment ends soon!

“It Doesn't Matter Where You Start. Only That You Begin.”

Your joy is your responsibility. Your freedom is your responsibility. Your life is your responsibility… But you never, ever, have to go through this alone. You were never meant to. The total transformation is your homecoming!

We don’t have to do all of it on our own. We were never meant to.

By choosing one option, you will not be committed to make a payment yet. I will go through your application and respond back to you as soon as possible!