"Life is not about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself."

About the Good Life


What is the GOOD life all about?


In life many of us are trying to discover who we are and what life really means to us. The truth is “life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” It’s about discovering what we’re capable of and learning from our challenges in life to evolve into the person we inspire to be. By looking at your problems in life as challenges to learn and grow from; including physically, mentally, and spirituality, we are actually creating and defining ourselves with every moment we live and every breath we take. Basically we live to learn so we may actually learn to live.

Of course, not every day will be GOOD. We all have “bad” days where nothing works as imagined and we get frustrated. But that is the wonder of life. How could we see the magic in a GOOD day without those that are darker and challenge us?


The seed of goodness is found in the soil of appreciation

The Dalai Lama


We chose who we are & practice who we want to be


Whether we realize it or not, every choice we make shapes us into who we are. It’s up to us if we decide to change our daily habits or not. It’s our decision to stand and fight or walk away. It’s you alone who decides to face the things you’re unhappy with in your life and change them or just accept them. Bottom line, every choice we make, every challenge we face, it’s how we choose to handle each moment in our lives that creates the person you see in the mirror each day.

I believe, if you view the difficulties as everlasting lessons of life, you’ll focus less on the problems and more on the solutions to every challenge you face. What we need to do is embrace each problem in life. Good or bad. To find the meaning behind it and allow it to become an opportunity to grow as a human being. At least, that is what I have decided to do!


A good life doesn’t have to be a perfect life


For me, a “good life” is about being able to choose. That’s right, our own happiness lies in our own hands! In this regard, studies have shown that being grateful makes us happier, and healthier human beings (Emmons & McCullough, 2003). So rather than aspiring for something bigger and better, part of the “good life” may be nothing less than being grateful for what we already have. With this blog I want to share my personal journey from the dark to the light. As I got better, I felt so much positive energy inside me and I started to ask myself: With all that I have learned, why not be the source of something good for someone else?

With this in mind, maybe you can learn more from your own experiences with some background knowledge or by using the tools that I share to make the choices that help create the person you want to be, and not let your surroundings make the decision for you.

Remember: “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

Be a voice of inspiration for change in your life and others, and become the person you inspire to be.

Why a blog?


I have decided to start a blog because of the love I found for life after choosing to recover. Every new experience, all the hard work, warmed my soul in a way that I thought I would never feel again. I believed recovery was impossible but the effects of adopting a healthy mindset full of positivity defied my disease. Choosing recovery is life-changing and I knew I had to share it with others.

I want to turn my negative experiences in life into a positive one by sharing my journey which will hopefully empower others. My ultimate objective is to spread positivity and happiness and encourage everyone to welcome back their own zest for life.

How it started.


When I began writing my journey down onto a piece of paper, I could feel the foundations for my recovery being laid. Writing has helped me to understand my occasional deep and twisted emotions. Made me realize illogical thoughts, reflect on my feelings and accept my true self. The things that I found myself writing about, have been incredibly helpful on my journey to recovery. Writing and then reading my own words has had an exciting positive effect on me as I began to understand myself better. It is a bit like talking to a therapist whose main task it is to just listen without judgement. (I know what I am talking about as I have studied and graduated with a MSc. In Psychology myself). The client will usually be able to learn the most from listening to his own words and recognize what is really happening.

Almost one year ago, I began sharing what I wrote on Instagram and social media in photo captions. The reaction I receive on a daily basis is beautiful. And I thank all of you who are following me on my journey. I feel very blessed to have received such warm and accepting responses when I chose to open up and share my story. As time and space is limited on this platform, I have decided to capture and share my words and what has helped me on this blog.


Not just another (vegan) food blog


Quick & well-informed


My blog posts are intended to provide you with interesting information about Yoga, Nutrition and Psychology. Most topics are very short and won’t need much of your time. Back at University, I was never a fan of professors or teachers talking about a topic for hours. I didn’t like them constantly repeating what they had already said. Nevertheless, I still want you to get something out of my words, to read between the lines, to either learn or create something with them for yourself.

On this blog, I’ll discuss the topics that are often left unspoken. These topics are SO important to talk about to begin removing any negative stigma attached and to build awareness about these important issues. Even if they are seen as somewhat “inappropriate”, taboo, unconventional or usually avoided all together. 
Here is a safe place to learn, grow, question and explore. 
Here, I want to start breaking down barriers and enable you a place of salvation and information.

If there is anything that you wish to find here, but cannot currently find any information on, please let me know and I will do my best to add it into future reference!


What it all comes down to


In my opinion, a “good life” is a very personal construct. Personally speaking, I love being in nature and surrounded by people who lift me up rather than drag me down. This makes me feel alive. Also, spending time in the kitchen preparing nourishing meals, as well as connecting to like-minded people both belong to my “good life”. Actually, writing about positive psychology while the sun is shining through the window is the “good life” taking place right this very moment.

I am happy if you join me on this journey. But don’t do this for me. Remember it’s all about YOU. It’s all ABOUT THE GOOD LIFE that we all deserve to live.


Love & Light & Namasté