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You do not need to “fit in” to belong

 Have you ever felt like a social chameleon? Always changing your colors depending on what environment you’re in? Never feeling that you belong?⁣Yeah, me too.  ⁣I used to be afraid of being me. I learned to be a perfect chameleon. Never standing out. Never wanting to be seen or noticed. All I wanted was to…

Healing | MOVE-Yoga | Tips & Tricks

Why I Yoga

A couple of days ago, I sat down on my mat and got really still. Like more still than my normal meditations (that are already deep, believe me). I was asking myself this question over and over again: “Nila, what does Yoga mean to you?“ And here’s what came out of the silent.. What I’ve…

Healing | MATTER-Psychology | Tips & Tricks

Embracing wholeness

WHOLENESS, such a big word to embrace. What does it even mean? Whole. Entire. Full. Complete?⠀⠀In the world of psychology, we are really good at defining what is wrong with us. The system teaches us to diagnose, label, and symptomise to help people heal. That’s what I learned at University: to put people into boxes….