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Guided Meditations

10 Meditations to nourish you from the inside out

Let yourself be guided with this selection of transformational meditations and visualisations.

I hope my meditations will help you kick start every new day feeling refreshed and ready to face whatever obstacles may arrive during the day. When you practice regularly, they will make you feel more happy, healthy and confident – from the inside out. 🧡

Of course, you can also practice them in the evening right before you go to sleep. Just find a comfortable seat, sit up straight, slightly tugging your chin towards your chest. Chose your favourite meditation, press on PLAY and close your eyes. Just trust the process and surrender to my guiding voice.

The benefits of meditation:

…are endless. Here are a few of the best known:

– Reduced Stress

– Improved Sleep

– Increased Focus

– Better relationships (more compassion, less aggression)

… and hopefully a little smile on your face and a lighter, joyful heart as well 🥰


A gentle reminder

Many people associate meditation with a standard set of guiding words, usually intoned by some overly empathic “pseudo guru”. Others think that meditation enthusiasts have an irresistible urge to chant in public spaces and spend all their money on meditation retreats.
Yeah.. I thought the same.. until I experienced myself that…
Meditation isn’t only for hippy-dippy folks who smell of incense sticks. It’s actually a scientifically proven method for improving your health and sharpening the skills that help you cope with life’s situations. By implementing meditation in your life, and turning it into a daily habit, you’ll soon be on your way to a happier, less stressful existence. ⠀⠀
..Believe me I was a sceptic as well.

I truly believe with a little time and practice, anyone can appreciate the benefits of meditation. And the benefits extend far beyond just easing your stress levels; they include helping your immune system as well as your ability to focus on day-to-day work. ⠀⠀
The truth is, meditation is easy to get into. All it takes is stopping every once in a while to take ten deep breaths, and you’ll be on your way toward forming a lifelong habit of self-compassion, self-love and self-improvement.

My point is: you don’t have to be a hippy-dippy person who smells of incense sticks to meditate – at least I wouldn’t consider myself as one and still try to meditate regularly. ⠀⠀
Remember: Success doesn’t stem from talent.
Success stems from consistent effort! 🧡

“As you turn inward and embrace all of who you really are, you become whole, despite the brokenness.”

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Ready to turn inward?

Yes, you are.


I am Nila, Holistic Coach (MScPsy), Yoga Teacher, and Nutritionist from Hamburg, Germany. I am passionate about encouraging people look within to harness the power of their inner wisdom so that they can cultivate a more compassionate, curious and nourishing connection to themselves and ultimately find the truth of who they are – perfectly whole in all their imperfections.

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