Lets talk about two of my absolute favorite things in life (again): FOOD and my second home: BALI

Bali has some of the best plant-based cafes and restaurants in the world (at least as far as I know). This magical island is a real „foodie-heaven“ for vegans and vegetarians alike, or anyone else who can’t get enough of big bowls and plates filled with colorful, natural food that is both nutritious and delicious (like me)!

While writing this post, I remember just how delicious, fresh and amazing the food is in Bali compared to anywhere else in the world. Think about super fresh fruit, the best plant-based meals, authentic Indo food and liters and liters of coconut water (daily). Therefore, I try to gain as many inspirations as possible on every trip to my favorite island in the world to re-create the dishes when I am back in Hamburg. (Sneak Peak: I will be back very soon again).

Without further ado: Here are some of my favorite places to eat and hang out at in Bali!

Part 1 shows all my favorite restaurants and cafes in Ubud. Part 2 is all about the hotspots in the South.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Part 2: The South


Peloton Supershop

This is an entirely plant based vegan restaurant and probably my favorite down south Bali. Peloton is located in Berawa, a quite busy place, but please do not skip this one if you are in the area! They serve amazing food, everything from nachos covered in vegan cheese to one of the best vegan burgers I have ever had. Moreover, the people who work here are so nice and you always feel more than welcome. Their signature MOONSHINE MORNING BOWL, a choc-peanut- dragonfruit smoothie topped with choc granola and galaxy themed fruits or the BLUE ISLAND BOWL, a blue coloured smoothie bowl topped with granola and ocean cut-outs, inspired by the love for the ocean, are probably my favorite items for breakfast. The Pancake Stack and Hash Browns are also AMAZING!

Best for:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (try to get a table upstairs)

Need to try:

EVERYTHING (signature smoothie bowls, delicious smoothies, etc.)

The Chillhouse / Cassava

Cassava restaurant is part of The Chillhouse – a surf and yoga resort in Canggu. Sure, there are plenty of plant-based, vegan cafes in Canggu (and just as many in Ubud), so what makes Cassava Bali so special? Well for starters, this colourful and cute new spot is part of the ever-famous Chillhouse – a surf, yoga and lifestyle retreat that was one of the first to start the wave of wellness retreats on the island. Then there’s the food. Oh that food. Wholly vegan pancakes, burgers, crispy garlicy spinach, wholesome brekkies and big bowls of Nasi Campur – all created by chef Emma Dowling no less.

I enjoyed a full range of complimentary breakfast and lunch at Cassava while I stayed at The Chillhousethis year. But you don’t have to stay here to dine. The food at Cassava is always excellent and I was never disappointed. The chefs are incredibly skilled. Also, each item on their menu is inspired by a different person. Their menu is very international, including lots of fusion-food items and every dish is a masterpiece. Cassava is the best for a healthy but delicious start to the day or a midday snack. And finally, did I mention there’s a pool too? Post-lunch dips incoming.

Best for: 

When you are staying in the area over night (or two) and like some company or just want to drop by for a delicious Breakfast (and lunch)

Need to try:

“My little Pony”, The red rice pancake with dhal, Nasi Campur, “Avo Great Day” (avocado, mushrooms, and scrambled tofu on toast), Banana Chai

Jungle Room

I stayed in the River Suit at the Jungle Room for a couple of nights when I was touring around the south, exploring Canggu and it’s surroundings. Set in lush, verdant Canggu in a relatively quiet location, Jungle Room Bali is a feast for the senses. You feel like you are transported into an otherworldly land from the moment you walk in. The property has 7 traditional Indonesian homes with intricate carvings, wooden doors and ceilings and gorgeous installations. Moreover, very property is unique and decorated in a different slyte. The pool is a great meeting spot and a lot of the wooden tents open right up into the pool. You can jump right in, if you are in the mood or you can just open up the doors and soak in the jungle vibes as you eat the coconut chia pudding for breakfast.

Best for:

When you are staying in the area over night (or two) and want some privacy outside the hustling and bustling Canggu

Need to try:

A yoga class in the morning, breakfast in bed (just give them a call with your order), coconut chia pudding

Shady Shack

Always delicious, always busy. The Shady Shack is a super cosy (and busy) place to hang out at. They also have some pretty damn good food! Although they are not entirely vegan, they serve a lot of vegan-friendly food. I think they have one of the best burgers on the island and if you come here, try the vegan cheese burger and their jackfruit tacos!

Best for:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Need to try:

Jackfruit Tacos, Burgers & Cakes

Café Vida

Fermented food anyone? How about if it was organic and home-fermented? Great for your guts and general wellbeing, it’s nature‘s medicine to many diseases. I always feel this healing power wash over me as soon as I enter Cafe Vida, which ferments its own food and drinks. Lovely! I’ve got no idea how they manage to achieve this unique atmosphere, must be a combination of food and interior design, but every time I come here, I feel like I’m really taking care of my body and spirit. Oh and their SMOOTHIE BOWLS…pure art in a bowl!

Best for:

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Need to try:

Unique elixiers & Smoothie Bowls


It’s a bit of a vegan nightmare to eat out with people who eat meat because unless we go to a special restaurant, the vegans usually end up with a plate full of lettuce or rice (yup, I’m writing from personal experiences). Not in nüde! Finally, a remedy as nüde knows best how to take care of people who have various eating styles and want to enjoy a meal together.

Best for:

Lunch or dinner

Need to try:

Black Burgers (non-vegan), Falafel bowl

Avocado Factory

This is a cute, open space to hang out by yourself or catch up with a friend. Although the portions are quite small (compared to many other places) this is probably one of the best places to still your avocado cravings. I tried their beautifully garnished pink coconut-chia pudding topped with avo-ice cream, an avo-smoothie, their beautiful avo-toast, a branded ice-cold coconut and many more items from their menu. Finally, try to sit upstairs or outside overlooking the rice fields.

Best for:

Coconuts, all things AVOCADO

Need to try:

Pink coconut-chia pudding (servings are quite small though)

Mad Pops

Definitely the BEST vegan ice cream you will find in Bali. A tiny little shop on the busy main road in Canggu (they have another one in Seminyak). Their ice cream is coconut based and they have plenty of delicious, creamy flavours, such as coffee, caramel, rainbow, oreo, chocolate etc. Above all, I was never disappointed when stopping by.

Best for:

Vegan Ice Cream

Need to try:

Dragon fruit Soft Ice


District (previously Cu’ house) is a friendly co-working place. Great coffee, fancy lattes and yummy snacks. I tried their signature Tri-me sampler, some kombucha and bliss balls. The golden milk and the beetroot latte were my favorite (I did not really enjoy the charcoal one, but that’s just personal taste). Moreover, you can decide to sit in a quite corner or connect with the other people hanging around. There’s always someone who is up for a little chat (or even a longer conversation).

Best for:

Snacks, to chill and relax, working on your computer on a rainy day

Need to try:

Tri-me Sampler with coconut milk (charcoal, beetroot, turmeric latte)

Satu Satu

Not the fanciest place to hang out, but definitely serving some of the best coffee in town. Satu Satu (meaning one and one in Indonesia) knows how to serve a delicious, creamy coconut cappuccino. All the staff is local and very well trained in beautiful latte art. Ask for a fancy surprise on your coffee and you will never be disappointed. I go there every time when in the area to give myself a little happy moment after a long drive down from Ubud or just before I head back. Whether a “Happy Birthday” coffee or rainy teddy bear, trust me: you will never be disappointed.

Best for:

Delicious and beautiful Coffee breaks

Need to try:

Big Coconut Cappuccino (ask for latte art)

Living Food Lab

Living Food Lab is a casual café and teaching kitchen serving up raw food creations that are as locally grown and organic as possible, vegan and gluten free. They serve food for the children at Greenschool and also have a modern cafe in Canggu (unfortunately a little bit hidden behind a giant Starbucks). The friendly staff knows that: Food affects mood! So you will only be served with delicious and very healthy meals and drinks. Along with the wonderful food is the amazing co-creation space upstairs. The space is open or can be closed off to create private offices with the help of some moving shelves. Their coffee deserves special mention – curated from one farm in Kintanani where only ripe coffee berries are hand picked! I came here regulary for a great coconut-cappuccino or a vanilla Affogato (a scoop of vanilla-caramel ice cream topped with a fresh espresso).

Best for:

Co-working, some quite time

Need to try:

The best Vanilla-Caramel Affogato



Shelter Cafe is located in the heart of Seminyak shopping area. It is a plant-filled haven, serving a heap of different options (lots of vegan/vegetarian dishes). They also have a Nalu Bowls downstairs so you can get smoothie bowls brought up to your table. My favs are the Falafel Bowl and Crunchy Tempeh noodle Bowl plus a big green juice to kickstart your shopping trip, or relax afterwards. Last time, we shared a vegan burger, a rainbow-falafel bowl and some chips on the side. All was fresh and delicious, as almost everything else in Bali!

Best for:

Lunch break on your shopping tour

Need to try:

Falafel bowl & Veggie Burger

Kynd Community

You won’t miss this place passing by all the people shooting photos against their famous pink wall. This really is a plant-based paradise, not only because all of their food is vegan, they also work so hard on how their food is presented. When I’m talking about vegan paradise I mean fluffy vegan pancakes and waffles covered in oreos, smooth coconut ice cream, with a pink fluffy cloud on top, finished of with a chocolate sauce drizzled over. A foodie dream come true (you wouldn’d believe it’s vegan)!

Best for:

KYND smoothie bowl and a picture in front of their famous pink wall

Need to try:

Pretty smoothie-bowls (everything else is delicious too)

Clean Canteen

I went here for breakfast with a friend and we were both not disappointed. First of all, it’s a rather modern place compared to all the other woody cafes and restaurants situated at a main road just around the corner from KYND. The bowl I had is made out of a base of naturally colored coconut yoghurt and topped with some banana and granola. Maybe it is not my favorite place in the area, but definitely worth the pictures we took.

Best for:

A rainy or very hot day (as you can only sit inside)

Need to try:

Paradise bowl


Sakti Dining Room at Fivelements

If you’re ever going to have a luxury, plant-based, raw, vegan dining experience, then the Sakti Dining Room at the eco-luxury wellness retreat Fivelements is it. I had the pleassure to stay here for some time (not sponsored). It was my little time out that I really needed last year! Furthermore, I even came back for my birthday this year so enjoy one of their delicious lunch spreads and a signiture Birthday Cake.

Set in the countryside, situated between the Ayung River and lush tropical ponds and gardens, the grounds of the Fivelements are simply breathtaking. Likewise, the bamboo structure with a thatched roof of their award-wining Sakti Dining Room is a sight to behold. An emphasis on fine organic ingredients and local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products, Sakti will convert even the most insistent of carnivores. Opt for a signature chef’s specialty tasting menu for lunch and dinner (three, five, and seven-course meals). And don’t forget to chat with one of amazing chefs. Send my greetings to Gede (he was my favorite)!

Disclaimer: All content is not sponsored by any of the restaurants featured. I just wanted to give you an impression of why I love this island so much and why I frequently come back whenever time and circumstances allow!

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