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The ultimate (vegan) foodguide to Bali

Lets talk about two of my absolute favorite things in life: FOOD and my second home: BALI

Bali has some of the best plant-based cafes and restaurants in the world (at least as far as I know). This magical island is a real „foodie-heaven“ for vegans and vegetarians alike, or anyone else who can’t get enough of big bowls and plates filled with colorful, natural food that is both nutritious and delicious (like me)!

While writing this post, I remember just how delicious, fresh and amazing the food is in Bali compared to anywhere else in the world. Think about super fresh fruit, the best plant-based meals, authentic Indo food and liters and liters of coconut water (daily). Therefore, I try to gain as many inspirations as possible on every trip to my favorite island in the world to re-create the dishes when I am back in Hamburg. (Sneak Peak: I will be back very soon again).

Without further ado: Here are some of my favorite places to eat and hang out at in Bali!

Let me know what you think 🙂

Part 1: Ubud

Ubud is pure magic. It is a sanctuary for yoga, health and wellness. It is an inland tropical jungle, covered in a sheet of lush greenery. The energy is infectious, formal time barely exists and the culture is nothing short of wonderful! People are happy, birds chirp freely and colours seem just a little more vibrant. And the food – OH THE FOOD! Let’s talk about all the delicious spots in the hood!

Sayuris Healing Food

Probably my favorite place to grab a bite in Ubud! The food they serve is all plant-based vegan, wheat, animal and cruelty free. Everything you order is filled with good intention and love. Above all, Sayuri (the owner) is the cutest person on earth, always present at the café when she is not busy hosting one of her famous raw food chef certification trainings. I love, love, love her place and try to drop by on a daily basis when I am in Ubud.

Best for:

Breakfast & Lunch (try to get a table outside in the garden), take one of their famous cooking classes

Need to try:

The BOMB Smoothie, At least one of their colorful bowls (try the Nourish-A-Bowl) and the best raw cakes on the island for desert


Mudra is another one of my favorites. Think about a delicious dining experience, 15 people at a time, boutique and restaurant in one. The lovely staff makes the food with special focus on the details so be sure to wait an extra 5 minutes till it arrives. It’s totally worth it! I could comeback every day for a delicious breakfast bowl.

Best for:

Breakfast or Brunch

Need to try:

Matcha Latté, One of their indulgent smoothie bowls


A restaurant in Sayan, a little outside of Ubud, that creates and presents healthy food in the most extraordinary and inspiring of manners. Situated in a space that inspires beauty and creativity, with an attention to detail that encourages a second and third look; an appreciation to the depth of character of every one and every thing involved. Hence, dining here is an experience in and of itself. Taking the whole “farm to table” thing quite literally, you can see the actual soil where the food on your plate came from.

The plant-based restaurant has its own permaculture organic farm, so they really do put their money where their mouth is. Be sure to get one of the most delicious (raw) dining experiences. From exploding your taste buds with extraordinary food options, to opening your eyes in an ambience of raw elegance from architectural structure to ceramic dish-ware this place is a MUST visit on one of your days in Bali.

Best for:

Lunch or Dinner, Saturday’s farmers market

Need to try:

Asam Laksa Noodles (lunch), Spiced Jackfruit Burger or Jerky Mignon (dinner)


Ever tried a Durian Smoothie? Zest is Bali’s first zero-waste restaurant and Café where you can hang out with your favorite Yogis or engage in a private conversation. Combined with an amazing view with it’s cozy yet spacious interior mixing Balinese architecture and modern vibes with a big tree in the middle of the space. Most noteworthy, this place feels like a big living room where you can connect and add some flavor into your life. The menu offers a number of completely vegan and gluten-free items, only using fresh, local whole produce. It’s always an interesting and inspiring time to relax and enjoy the latest creations from the kitchen. Zest also offers weekly events including sunrise-and sunset parties.

Best for:

Lunch, Dinner or afternoon dates

Need to try:

Bankok Bang, Sexy Stack, Durian Smoothie (really rare to find anywhere else) & the chocolate ceremony!

Seeds of Life

Like Sayuri’s, this place offers both delicious, plant based (raw) food as well as raw food cooking classes. Although in my opinion not as good as Sayuri’s (just my personal experience), I still love this place for it’s healthy food options. After all, their menu is vast and the options plenty with a special regard to healthy tonic elixiers and artisan teas.

Best for:


Need to try:

SOL Jar, SOL bowl & warmed gnocchis


Probably, one of the best Korean food you can get in Bali. Not primary plant-based, but definitely vegan friendly, this is a lovely little restaurant to come with friends or family. This open-air cozy bamboo restaurant offers a variety of fermented and sometimes spicy dishes that suit all pallets. The menu is made with intention to nourish not only the body, but also our connection to one another.

Korean Feast


Best for:

Family Lunch or Dinner

Need to try:

Roots Bibimbap, Jap Chae, Kimchi Jiggae and raw cacao vegan ice cream


Kismet Restaurant is another choice for Ubud and I would recommend it for either late lunch or dinner as it is little better for an evening option. This is a green restaurant serving a range of delicious (non-) vegan dishes. Also, they have this cool red light bulb above each table so if you need the service all you have to do is pull the light switch and when the light goes on, your waiter will pop over to see what you need.

Best for:


Need to try:

Dragon bowl (of goodness) with crispy tempeh skewers & coconut coffee dream Smoothie

Juice Ja Café

Juice Ja Cafe is one of Ubud’s original gems. It’s been around longer than most of the places in it’s neighbourhood and remains to be one of the best spots in the hood! It is a clean eating inspired gourmet café that offers an organic and ethical based menu sourced from its very own farm and other unique suppliers. Open from breakfast until dinner: Juice Ja offers a diverse menu with the key focus on wholesome, fresh, tasty and natural, all created to leave you feeling well-nourished and energized.

Best for:

Lunch when you are on a stroll though Ubud centre

Need to try:

Spirulina Pasta & fresh juice

Milk and Madu

Their gourmet pizzas are famous for good reason.

The philosophy of this family friendly place is pretty easy. They love good food and love to share those great experiences with people, sourcing produce that’s organic, in season and always fresh. Besides that, they’re always in pursuit of quality and flavor so what you see is what you get. There’s something for everyone and the staff want everyone to enjoy it here. When you bite into one of their mouth-watering pizzas, you can taste the love that goes in it. In the end, it’s all about good food, good times and good friends. That’s what Madu is all about.

Best for:

Dinner with friends

Need to try:

Greenpeace & Pumpkin Pie Pizza (no cheese)


A bit outside the hustling and bustling centre of Ubud, this is by far my favorite place for delicious coffee, great tunes and wonderful vibes. This gem is another newbie in town serving some of the best coffee around. Lean back, sip on your favorite latte and listen to the beautiful playlist tuning in the background. If you are lucky join one of the spontaneous jam sessions or talk to the lovely staff (say hi to Oliver). Above all, you will always be welcomed with a big smile and leave (without doubt) feeling oh so REVIVED!

Best for:

A wonderful start into the day (early morning)

Need to try:

Coconut Cappuccino

FREAK Coffee

FREAK is by far the best coffee place in Bali located in the centre of town. Nothing fancy like Revive, but they know how to make really good Coffee from the Kintamani area. Their freshly roasted coffee can be made with their own home made coconut milk if you want. It’s so creamy and delicious! Lovely local staff, very friendly and helpful. When I am in Ubud, I come here every day first thing in the morning when the coconut milk is just made and the bustling Ubud just waking up.

Best for:

Early morning Coffee

Need to try:

The BEST Coconut Cappuccino on earth (believe me I’ve tried many) & a raw vegan delight to snack on

Acai Queen

This is my fav spot to grab a tasty dessert or snack in Ubud! They’re a bit pricier than the average place, but totally worth it. Moreover, they also have really cute swing seating. I’ve tried almost every bowl and love them all, though the nutty one with the peanut butter drizzle is my personal fav!

Best for:

A midday-or afternoon snack

Need to try:

Brownie Fudge Bowl with homemade vegan brownie & peanut butter cinnamon crumble toast

Spell Creperie

Combining Celtic mythology and popular culture, the Spell delivers good food in a comfortable environment that puts you immediately at ease. The hardest part will be deciding what to order. Most menu items are vegan, gluten-free (all galettes are automatically made with buckwheat flour) and paleo-friendly. They also shun palm oil and MSG. Organic eggs and the choice of cane or palm sugar round out the offering. After all, at the Spell, you truly are the master of your own delights.

Best for:

A midday-or afternoon snack

Need to try:

Holy Grail Crepe or the Secret Crepe

Disclaimer: All content is not sponsored by any of the restaurants featured. I just wanted to give you an impression of why I love this island so much and why I frequently come back whenever time and circumstances allow!

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